Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beloved high school teacher

Hey peeps!

I just gotta express this beautiful feeling of mine. I had a great talk with my high school teacher. It's so hard to call her as my teacher now (Hey, I'm not saying that I don't like to call her as my teacher because she is no longer teaching me. It's just weird as I call every tutors a lecturer or miss). She's Puan Ambika. She used to teach me English. I love her a lot, she has never looked down on me. She instead expect good work from me. Why do I say that?

I was chosen as the Vice President for Media club since Form 2. It's all because of her promoting me. And I'm the first person who is a Vice President since Form 2, well, until today. She once told me, to even guide the Presiden what to do and manage those stuff. I was surprised, but I dare not. I respect my Presiden as Presiden. There are a lot more stuff in class tho.

What happened today was, I talked to her about my career in future. I'm confused to either take over my dad's business or just go on with Advertiser, copy writer or Advertising designer (well, anything to do with the creative team/department, I wouldn't mind). So the case is, if I just take over my dad's business, I would felt that my time will be wasted for studying so much about Advertising. Vice versa wise, I would felt pity for my dad as he brought up the company from sweat to blood to such established company, and end up throwing aside. Sucha waste right.

Just doing a year of Mass Comm then, go to my dad's business would totally be fine for me. I've been thinking about it for days. And so, Pn. Ambika told me the same thing. She further explained, to discover if everything is good with Advertiser or not. I dunno, I guess I just gotta wait till next year then, I'll just go with the flow.

Oh, wait, the best thing is, Pn. Ambika told me that I'm quite a perfectionist. Haha!! How flattering <3 I really do miss this teacher of mine from high school. ;)

Nights peeps!

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