Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big dream

Here I come. Back to my blogging life. Not too sure if this gonna last or not, but will try to keep it updated. hah! Too much of stuff have been playing in my mind. I have big dreams, do you? Or living life by dreaming small, being simple is just enough for you? Call me materialistic if you think I am. But I love my BIG dream. Whether able to achieve it or not, that's another story. But, but, but, I have to say this, "A dream is just a dream if there is no hard work in it". Nothing comes easy.

Yes, I have big dreams. I love cars, I love luxurious apartment, I love my gadgets. I have even set my dream, I have even set what do I want to do in future. But they are all achievable dreams, but it's gonna be tough. Real hard time, I'm gonna face after my Bachelor Degree graduation in Taylor's University. 

When I say BIG dreams, I don't mean Ferrari's, Lamborghini, and so on. Yes, they may be my dream. But, I categorized them as the "Unachievable dreams", or maybe "Tough luck"-dreams. Well, you see, it's not 100% impossible, maybe few % achievable chances. Let's not give yourself too high hope about it? ahha! 

One thing about dream is, it is not necessarily to be achieved. That's how I perceived dream as. Something I really really want to do in my life is, I have to be more successful than my dad, more proud than my father; just gotta be better than my dad. He's a great guy, I have to make him proud. 

Live life guys, know your dreams, know what you want in your life. 
It's important.

Enjoy your day! ;) 

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