Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Disastrous from the Hell.

So what's up?

Real bad disastrous life I'm really facing right now. Life is really swinging like a pendulum bob from Terrible to disastrous life. Oh well, if you're wondering what's so stressed up about life, what else? What else can a student from a University life be so stressed up about this late night? Assignment, yes, I repeat, ASSIGNMENT. Guess what, I've not been in this deep shit before, and I cannot believe I'm going to do what I'm "supposed" to do. So what about assignment stabbed me so deep is, Fiction script writing. 

Guess what? I don't write much, I don't read much, I don't enjoy either writing or reading, I don't watch much movie, and I am asked to write a fiction script. Incredible. Not that, I dont read at all, I do read novel, but only when i was young, not that I don't enjoy writing, I love writing maybe for advertising creative writing ONLY, not that, I don't watch movie at all, but not as much as any other movie maniac in my broadcasting class! I've to admit that. hah!!

So now, you must be wondering why do I take broadcasting when I don't like anything about movie, and script writing. I have only few choices for my minor subjects, which are Public Relation (PR), journalism, and broadcasting, which I'm actually doing now. So what's my major? Advertising. I love designing, I love anything to do with photography, which includes a little of filming! 

Yes, back to the point. The amount of work load I am having now is too ridiculous to be imagined! I have to write 25pages of fiction script, whole web design (group work, Thank God!), Radio and TV advertisement for apparel, mandarin oral test tomorrow, and finally, my creative copy writing. All due in a week, which is next week.

It's 2am, gotta wake up early tomorrow for the continuation! 

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